Supported events

Netcore Email API currently supports webhook on a number of events, which are:

Event Description
Sent Message has been sent successfully
Dropped Message got dropped
Bounced Message has hard bounce
Opened Message got opened
Clicked Recipient clicked a link in the message; will only occur when click tracking is enabled
Unsubscribed Recipient Unsubscribed
Invalid Syntactically incorrect email IDs
Abuse Recipient marked the message as abuse/spam

Netcore Email API may post up to 500 events in one HTTP POST call to your callback/webhooks URLS. This means if more than 500 responses are received at a moment, then it will do a bulk post in one HTTP POST call. So, you will receive a JSON array of different events received in one call. Below is the glossary and sample data for each event which will show you the actual parameters which were returned in the HTTP POST:

Parameters Data Type Events where this is meaningful/used Description
TRANSID Int64 All All assigns a Unique Transaction ID for each and every email which were sent
EMAIL StringAll Recipient’s Email ID
EVENT StringAll Type of Event: sent/ dropped/ invalid/ bounced/ opened/ clicked/ unsubscribed/ spam
RESPONSE Stringsent/ dropped/invalid/ bounce Response received from the end server like Delivery Logs, Bounce reason, reason for drop(blacklisted user / already unsubscribed)
X-APIHEADER StringAll Information passed by you in the X-APIHEADER, during the time of email sent
TIMESTAMP IntAll Unix Timestamp of the occurrence of the event
USERAGENT Stringopened/ clicked/ unsubscribed/spam User agent contains the detailed information about the browser from where a specific event in initiated.
IPADDRESS Stringopened/ clicked/unsubscribed/spam IP address of the device from where the recipient has responded.