Sendgrid to Netcore Email API Migration Guide

Switching from an ESP can seem like a daunting experience. There’s a lot of setup and configuration required. But it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Not if you have a well-structured, easy to follow instructions that will guide you every step of the way.

Not only we have compiled a SendGrid Migration Guide but also released the simple migration APIs to make your move to Netcore Email API super easy and hassle-free.

Using our migration API means, that you really don’t have to rework with your code library which you have been using to send emails from Sendgrid. Just, change the API endpoint and key in your existing Sengrid’s API code or in the SDK/code library and you’re done.

e.g if Sendgrid’s email sending API looks something like this:

Then the Netcore Email API’s migration API for sending email will look something like this:

Just the endpoints changes, rest each of the Sendgrid parameter names and the way it is been called remains as it is.

Benefits of using Migration API:

  • Easy integration - Integrate in 3 easy steps, without spending too much time in coding and re-coding.
  • Code re-usability - Do not waste your time and energies to code again, we have already taken care of that. All your request and response formats remain absolutely the same. Just change API keys and URLs, and you are ready to go.
  • Minimal testing - No code change also means no repeat QA. Your code will just work! While most of the important parameters are already covered in the scope of this migration API, but there are still a few which Netcore Email API doesn’t support. Here’s an extensive list of Sendgrid’s APIs and it’s parameter which Netcore Email API supports:

List of Sendgrid APIs which are supported as a part of Netcore Email API migration API:

Type Method Endpoint
Email Send POST /v3/mail/send
Template Add POST /v3/templates/{template_id}/versions
Template View GET /v3/templates/{template_id}
Template Edit PATCH /v3/templates/{template_id}/versions/{version_id}
Stats GET /v3/stats?start_date=2018-11-01&end_date=2018-12-10&aggregated_by=month&limit=1&offset=2
Get Categories GET /v3/categories
Add in suppression POST /v3/asm/groups/<group_id>/suppressions
Add in Global Suppression POST /v3/asm/suppressions/global

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